Purpose and desire

Thanks for looking in!

Being interested in society and politics, and following the current debates about gender and equality, I’ve come to the realisation that I urgently need to express myself on these topics. Reading most articles leaving with a feeling of having my own opinion not represented, neither in the articles nor the following commentary, I feel it’s my own obligation to articulate my thinking; mostly for my own sake as a therapeutic method, but also to allow someone else, should they ever find their way over here, to read them as well.

A little bit about myself. I’m a white straight man in my early 30s’, coming from Northern Europe living as an expat in another country. I’m progressive, for what that means, and I’m genuinely interested in questions concerning, society, politics, language and philosophy. I do understand that my attributes of being white, male, straight and in my early 30s’ puts me at disadvantage with some people within my own political fold. Still, please judge what I say on its own merits.

English is most definitely not my native language, and for any spelling or grammar mistake I make, I ask you in advance for your forgiveness. If you spot any, do me a favour and let me know!

While I have no hopes of writing in front of an audience, this blog mainly serving a therapeutic purpose, should anyone find their way here I hope what I say can inspire them in their own thinking. I’m not saying I’m right in what I claim, but to everyone who disagrees with me, I’d like to ask them to express why and where I’m wrong. I strongly encourage comments and debating, and will try to answer any potential comment from any possible reader who would find it interesting enough to post something.

Still, I wish myself much enjoyment writing this, and for any potential reader some enjoyment in reading it as well.

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