Why is another perspective needed?

Why would another perspective be needed, when so many are already out there, debating equality?

Far too few men engage themselves in this topic, and many men, a very large share of them, only pay lip service to the tenets of equality, while even fewer genuinely believe in feminism.

In a way, this is not so strange. Feminism is an ideology created by women for women, and its mainly speaking to women, rarely directly addressing men. My thoughts are, if you don’t address them, it’s going to be difficult to have them pay the required attention. Men make up roughly 50% of the human population. Obviously this in itself warrants male participation in the struggle for equality, and their active partaking should be felt in any movement that strives to better the world.

I’d like to add my own points and concerns to feminism; thoughts and ideas I can’t expect women to advance for me, them being fully occupied with their own direct struggles and priorities. Not all of them will fit straight into the current orthodoxies, but these orthodoxies have looked different in the past and they certainly will do so again in the future.

Still, my purpose here is to raise points that by some would be seen as un-feministic, or at least controversial. My aim is not to raise controversy, but to address such facts and ideas that can also allow men to partake in the movement. The current debate climate is in all frankness quite toxic, and many men actively stay away from it, as it is nothing that they want should be a part of their lives. My goal is to change this, to speak as a man towards men in a language we understand, addressing our thoughts, questions and concerns in a way only another man from his perspective can. I would also like to encourage any potential female reader to indulge in this process; your perspective can only add to the discussion, and best results we get when we all chip in with our stories and thoughts. Still, all I ask of any reader is to judge my thoughts and arguments on the basis of their merit; their empirical accuracy and logical validity.

All my thoughts and reasoning take place within a feminist framework. My ultimate desire with my writing here is to contribute to the equality between genders in all aspects and all manners, be it sexuality, career-wise and economic opportunities, social attitudes, parenting, health and safety, in addition to any other area conceivable. Throughout my writing, none of this must ever be doubted.

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